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How To Find An Erotic Massage Parlor

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erotic-massage-pictureIf you’re looking to find an erotic massage parlor, one of the easiest ways to find one is by looking up “massage” in the yellow pages.  There are two separate massage sections in most phone directories, one for massage and one for massage therapists.  The massage section is filled with massage parlors while the massage therapists are reserved for licensed massage therapists who perform 100% legitimate massages.

Now take a closer look at the listings and advertisements in the massage section.  Massage parlors like to use the following words: parlor, sauna, acupressure (not acupuncture), table shower, body shampoo, and stress relief.  Also, listings that contain Asian or exotic words such as Pearl Orient, Asian Flower, or Rainbow Massage, are most likely massage parlors.

Listings that contain incall or outcall are probably full service.  For the other establishments, you probably won’t be able to find out if they’re full service or hand job only just by the advertisement.  The best advice is to visit a few massage parlor review websites and read about other clients visits.

Another resource is the erotic massage parlor directory.


The Insider’s Guide to Asian Massage Parlors

Asian Massage Parlor

asian massage parlor

Asian massage parlors (AMP) have a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding them. If you don’t know what you’re doing before going, chances are you will not get the services you’re looking for. Here’s a guide to help you know the ins and outs of how Asian massage parlors work and how you can get exactly what you went in for.

Most AMP’s are setup in a similar fashion with a discrete location and a doorbell button to gain entry. A rule of thumb to distinguish if an establishment offers “extra” services if their door is locked under normal business hours. Almost all legitimate establishments do not work in this fashion.

Once you’re greeted by the mamasan, it’s best to ask how much a half hour massage will cost and never anything “extra.” She’ll tell you it’s usually around $40 for half an hour and then lead you into a private room where you’ll be greeted by your masseuse. When she asks if you’ve been there before, the answer is always yes. By saying yes, the girl will think you know the ropes and will give you better service. Once inside the private room, disrobe and get comfortable in the room. By getting naked, you make sure the girl knows that you’re a serious customer looking for extra services.

If you get the opportunity to choose the girl, a good idea is to pick the second or third hottest girl of the lot. Most guys usually pick the hottest girl and she probably doesn’t give the best service.


The typical entry fee for these establishments is $40 for a half hour and $80 for an hour which you need to pay upfront. The fee covers the basic massage, body shampoo, etc. From experience, time is rarely enforced so you’re better off just paying for half an hour and upgrading for more time if desired.

Once inside the private massage room, you negotiate additional services with the massage provider. A hand job usually costs $40, oral costs $60, and full service costs $100. Prices vary from place to place, but these prices are a good reference point.

It’s a good idea to leave your wallet in your car or at home so the girl can’t steal anything valuable. You should only take enough money to cover all the services you desire.

The Test

As you start to get your basic massage, you want to send signals to the masseuse that you are a hobbyist are looking for more than just the basic packages. Good ways to send the right signals are hugging, making your erection visible, rub her body (if possible), moaning sounds, etc.

If you pass her test, she will ask you if you want anything else after the massage. You can simply reply “everything” and then she will ask you how much you’re willing to pay. A good strategy is to start at $80 and just settle for the standard $100. Just make sure to never pay more than $80 for anything less than full service, because the girl will try to charge you a much higher rate if you feel like getting the full service.

Sometimes the girl you’re with just isn’t offering any extra services. No amount of right signals is going to change that. If that happens, it’s best to just get the agreed upon basic package and try again another time. If the girl you receive is not up to par, you can always choose to walk out at that point. In most cases, they want to try to keep you around.
I hope this guide helps you get the most out of your next Asian massage parlor visit!


Thai Massage World Record

thai massage

More than five hundred Thai massage therapists descended on Kata Beach in Phuket, Thailand today for an un-official attempt at setting a new world record for simultaneous massage.

Although the official figure is yet to be confirmed, it is thought a total of five hundred and eighty four pairs took part. The current official Guinness World Record is two hundred and thirty two, set on 30TH March 2010, at an event organised by the Tourism Board of Victoria in Australia.

The un-official Phuket world record attempt is part of a wider campaign by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to raise the profile of Thai Massage throughout the world. Promotional activities kicked off in the northern city of Chiang Mai on 3rd June 2011 and similar events were also held in Surat Thani and Ubon Ratchathani in southern Thailand.

The campaign will reach its climax with an official attempt on the Guinness World Record in Bangkok on 17th November 2011. Already, eight hundred and forty pairs are expected to take part.

The father of Thai massage and medicine is said to be Doctor Shivago Komarpaj (Jivaka Kumar Bhacca) from northern India, who lived over 2,500 years ago.

Komarpaj was a student of the Buddah and the personal doctor of the first Buddhist monks.

Thai massage, also known as Nuadd Bo-Rarn, is a combination of influences from India, China and traditional Thai medicine.

Modern Thai massage is derived from traditional healing techniques used across the different provinces of Thailand. There are many variations which differ according to the region.

Today, many Buddhist temples continue to practise the art of Thai massage to treat the sick as an alternative to Western medicine.

Currently there are two hundred and twenty certified institutes which provide massage training throughout Thailand. Since 2004 over 500,000 Thai’s have taken a certified massage training course.


Where to Find Local Erotic Massages

erotic massage

If you’re looking for a happy ending, 112 massage parlors in Washington State allegedly offer erotic services.

The website promises to help you “stop wasting time and money on services you don’t want.” In fact, customer reviews provide fairly specific details on exactly what you would get – for the right price.

A man with the username “absolutelydiscrete” wrote a scathing review of Far East Healthcare Spa in Lynwood, Wash. The man described the sex act he received from a 30-something Chinese woman as “poor,” writing that he “told them the service sucked and walked out the door.” He goes on to describe his masseuse as “half ugly.” But, lucky for him he could charge the $60 alleged act to his VISA.

Another user wasn’t so critical of the parlor, calling his service “the best” and recommending it to other users. “Nothing but class,” he wrote. “Treat them with respect and you will leave there feeling way more relaxed.”

Information provided by users on the site is extremely specific. Reviews typically indicate the provider’s age, height, build (slender to chubby) and note whether she had breast implants. There is even a field indicating if the business has parking space for an 18-wheeler.

While the website would be a useful tool for people looking to engage in prostitution, it could be a more useful tool for police.

“I wouldn’t say that every massage parlor is a front for prostitution but some are,” said Sergeant Rodney Chinnick with the King County Sheriff’s Office. “Certainly if they become aware of information through the Internet or otherwise, that there were massage parlors operating in their city limits that were actually fronts for prostitution, yes they’d definitely be interested in investigating.”

While King County would be “interested” in investigating the parlors listed on the site, it may not be possible. Their Vice Unit, which would typically handle such operations, was cut due to budgetary reasons, said Chinnick.

“The budget has forced us to carefully evaluate our priorities,” he said. “Our main priority is being in a position to respond to 911 calls.” He added that if human sex trafficking was suspected in one of the parlors, it would be a higher priority than investigating prostitution.

A Seattle Police Department spokesman said he wasn’t aware of the website, or if they were investigating any of the 17 parlors in the city reviewed by the site’s users.

Some of those parlors, however, appear to be legitimate businesses.

“Touch of Class Spa” in Seattle is featured on the site, but a user said he does not believe any illegal activity takes place there.

“If you want a relaxing massage, this is an excellent choice,” he wrote. “This is a legitimate place, don’t try to solicit for any dirty play.”

But comments indicate that many of the parlors listed on the site in cities like Tukwila, Federal Way, Bellevue, Everett, Kent and Renton are indeed fronts for illegal activity. One of the most “active” parlors in the state appears to be in SeaTac.

Nature’s Gate Healing Center has 49 reviews and the most recent post is just days old. One user recommended that another solicit service from a woman named “Rose” during an extended layover at SeaTac airport.

“She’s beautiful with a great bod,” he writes. “Does offer amazing FS,” which indicates that the woman would engage in intercourse.

The same parlor is also listed on, a Seattle classified service that Mayor Mike McGinn has openly opposed. Some believe the website’s personal ads deal in sex trafficking.

Calls and emails to went unanswered.


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