Open Massage Parlors

If you’re looking to get a little extra service or “full service”, here are some tips and advice to make sure you’re at the right massage parlor and how to get services you want.

1.  Look for the “accupressure”, “spa”, or “sauna” in the name of the establishment.

2. Find a massage parlor in the adult classifieds.

3. Find out how late the massage parlor is open.  Anything after 5pm is a good sign.

4. If you’re going late at night, be sure to lookout for a neon “OPEN” sign to indicate they’re still open.

5. If/when asked, always say you’ve been there before so the masseuse will know you are not law enforcement.

6. No paperwork is another good sign you’re at the right place.

7. If you particular about your massage therapist, ask to see the therapist before paying the massage fee.

8. Get an erection when getting a massage so the therapist will notice and probably ask you about other services available.

9. Asking for “full service” is a discreet way of asking for sex.

10. Always bring your own condoms in case the establishment doesn’t have any.

11. Don’t even think about kissing or giving the therapist oral sex.  They are professionals and you want to protect yourself from STDs.

12. If possible, wait until after the services have been performed to pay to ensure you’re safe from law enforcement from puchasing prostitution.

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