Cost of Massage Parlor
Cost of Massage Parlor

When you visit a massage parlor, the price varies greatly depending on the services you receive.  When you enter a massage parlor, you first visit with the receptionist (usually the owner) and pay the massage fee, also known as the door fee, to enter the parlor for the actual massage. Depending on the location and amenities offered, massage fees range anywhere from $50-$70 per hour but also offer shorter or longer time slots if desired.  The fee covers the use of a massage room and any extra amenities they might have including showers, sauna, and jacuzzi.

The massage fee is usually kept by the owner and the massage therapist works on tips.  All extra services are negotiated with the masseuse directly and usually go directly to her.  If you only receive a legitimate massage, then a tip of 15%-20% would be sufficient.  If you decide on any extra services, no extra tip beside the negotiated extra price is necessary unless you feel the service warranted a tip.

Some massages go ahead and give extra services such as a happy ending massage without even asking the client.  If this is the case, tipping somewhere in the 50% range is greatly appreciated by the masseuse for their services.

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