Happy Ending Massage Parlor

If you’re looking to get a happy ending the next time you’re in a massage parlor, you need to make sure you’re in the right “kind” of establishment before asking for a happy ending. Make sure to use these tips so you can leave happy.

1. Find a massage parlor that uses sexy girls in their advertisements. If you look at the back of any newspaper, you’ll find plenty of massage parlors with young and sexy girls in the ads. These places are obviously selling “something” so it’s a great place to start.

2. Call the massage parlor you’re interested in and ask what percentage of their clients are men and women, how many “massage therapists” are on staff and ask about pricing, tipping arrangements, services offered, etc. Based on their answers, you can tell if you have a green light for a happy ending or not. If the vast majority of their clients are men, you’ve probably found the right place. However, if the place sounds very legitimate with a plethora of spa treatments, you should look elsewhere.

3. Most of the time, the shady massage parlors are typically Asian named and/or themed. When you get to the establishment, they’ll usually have to ring a buzzer to gain access and then greeted by a “mamasan” who will initially take the massage fee from you.

Once inside the massage room, do not ask for sex or if they offer any sexual services. Go ahead and get the massage and other services such as table massage and then get some money and lay it on the table. Prices vary for whatever service you want, but she will get the hint you’re looking for extra services by presenting the money. Say you want everything, and then enjoy the services.

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