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What's the deal with Asian Massage?

Asian Massage

I’ve had a number of asian massages at truck stops accross the country. For the most part they’re very therapeutic, but there seems to be a varying amount of sexual tease as well. Do these women perform handjobs or BJs as well? If they do how does one know what they’re offering or what their intentions are? I’d like to hear from anyone who has worked in the field especially specificly in asian massage.


What are your feelings on escort services/ adult massage parlors?

Massage Parlor

Do you think using one of these is wrong? I mean it is glorified prostitution but IMO its better than picking up some meth head off the street. I want to go to one of the asian massage places since my girl left me. Would that be wrong?


Where can I find Asian massage in Fargo, ND?

Asian Massage

I have lived here for almost 2 years and not been able to find any asian massage..
To be more specific, where can I find a *sensual* massage, in Fargo?



Asian Massage

Does anyone know where I can find an Thai or any type of Asian massage in Lisbon? Thanks
Say- How far is that from Lisbon?
Chet, the Angry Moldovan- well that wasn’t my focus but yea I wouldn’t mind a happy ending massage but no sex though cause I don’t pay for sex. Do you know a place?
Sofia25- yea sure you left no contact or anything


where in chicago area can i get asian massage?

Asian Massage

can i find a asian massage(adult) place

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