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Looking For a Full Service Massage?

Massage Parlor Tips


When going to a massage parlor, massage patrons are virtually invulnerable to charges.  Keep this in mind when trying to negotiate for services.

Before the session starts, take off your clothes and negotiate the type of service and price.  The key is that it’s your job to say what kind of sexual services you want and how much you’re willing to pay.

Massage parlors that offer full services, they have a locakable door to ensure privacy.  Massage parlors with curtains or beads in the doorway will most likely only give you a normal massage.

Here are some other tips to help find the massage services you’re looking for.

- Any massage parlor that advertises in the sports section of a newspaper or periodical offers some sort of sex.

- Massage parlors that stay open later (past 9 P.M) offer sexual services.

- Almost all Asian or Oriental spas offer at least manual hand releases (aka hand jobs).

- It’s note worthy that many massage parlors only offer “full service” to repeat customers to ensure their safety against law enforcement.  If the girl was nice and the massage was good, it might be worthwhile to ask when she is working again so you will be recognized as a repeat customer with the same girl.


How To Find An Erotic Massage Parlor

erotic massage

erotic-massage-pictureIf you’re looking to find an erotic massage parlor, one of the easiest ways to find one is by looking up “massage” in the yellow pages.  There are two separate massage sections in most phone directories, one for massage and one for massage therapists.  The massage section is filled with massage parlors while the massage therapists are reserved for licensed massage therapists who perform 100% legitimate massages.

Now take a closer look at the listings and advertisements in the massage section.  Massage parlors like to use the following words: parlor, sauna, acupressure (not acupuncture), table shower, body shampoo, and stress relief.  Also, listings that contain Asian or exotic words such as Pearl Orient, Asian Flower, or Rainbow Massage, are most likely massage parlors.

Listings that contain incall or outcall are probably full service.  For the other establishments, you probably won’t be able to find out if they’re full service or hand job only just by the advertisement.  The best advice is to visit a few massage parlor review websites and read about other clients visits.

Another resource is the erotic massage parlor directory.


What Is An Outcall Massage?

Outcall Massage

If you are looking to get an outcall massage, there are actually three types of “outcall massages.”

1. Therapeutic massage from a licensed massage therapist.  Therapeutic massages are done on a portable massage table that the massage therapist supplies.  Therapeutic massage establishments usually make sure to emphasize they are licensed, work regular business hours and book both men and female clients.

2. Non-therapeutic massage with a happy ending.  These massages are also known as relaxing massages and usually done in the clients bed.  The massaseus are usually non-licensed, their advertisements are filled with pictures of young girls, and they also might be full service (sexual options).

3. Escort Agencies.  Many escort agencies advertise their services as outcall massages when they are really just selling sex.  Their advertisements emphasize erotic, passion, sexy girls, etc.  These girls are full service so you’ll most likely to be serviced for what you like.  Just remember, they don’t actually do massages.


Full Service Massage Tips

Massage Parlor Tips

Open Massage Parlors

If you’re looking to get a little extra service or “full service”, here are some tips and advice to make sure you’re at the right massage parlor and how to get services you want.

1.  Look for the “accupressure”, “spa”, or “sauna” in the name of the establishment.

2. Find a massage parlor in the adult classifieds.

3. Find out how late the massage parlor is open.  Anything after 5pm is a good sign.

4. If you’re going late at night, be sure to lookout for a neon “OPEN” sign to indicate they’re still open.

5. If/when asked, always say you’ve been there before so the masseuse will know you are not law enforcement.

6. No paperwork is another good sign you’re at the right place.

7. If you particular about your massage therapist, ask to see the therapist before paying the massage fee.

8. Get an erection when getting a massage so the therapist will notice and probably ask you about other services available.

9. Asking for “full service” is a discreet way of asking for sex.

10. Always bring your own condoms in case the establishment doesn’t have any.

11. Don’t even think about kissing or giving the therapist oral sex.  They are professionals and you want to protect yourself from STDs.

12. If possible, wait until after the services have been performed to pay to ensure you’re safe from law enforcement from puchasing prostitution.

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