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Massage Parlors | Do you know of a massage parlor in Chicago or burbs that gives happy endings?

Do you know of a massage parlor in Chicago or burbs that gives happy endings?

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Does anyone know of a massage parlor in Chicago or the west suburbs that gives happy endings? Okay, I know there’s tons of those places on lake street in Addison but those aren’t real massage parlors, those are straight prostitution where you come in they get naked rub your back for 2 minutes and give you a handjob. I’m talking about a real legitimate massage parlor that gives a real massage but finishes it off with a happy ending?
If someone truly wants a massage for a medical reason they go to a chiropractor. Any other massage parlor is definatley something of a sexual nature.


Do massage parlors affect the community?

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I am doing a paper for my community studies class at UNLV. i am focusing on massage parlors that offer or are perceived to offer happy endings. I want to know your opinions on massage parlors and the surrounding communities.
Do massage parlors have an affect on businesses located next to them?
Do massage parlors have an affect on housing located next to them?
Are these affect positive or negative?
Would you move into or open a business near a massage parlor?
Would you try to stop a massage parlor from opening up in your community.
I will only discuss in my paper the comments that I receive. I will not give out any info regarding who said what as well as where I found the people. This is completely anonymous, and only for a class assignment.
Thank you.


what socal massage parlors have hot girls?

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with private rooms and happy endings? preferably around the westminster area.


Good massage parlors in Portland Oregon?

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Hi- want to get my fiance a good massage somewhere around the Portland Oregon area. He had one before that he always talks about- the girl was Chinese and she lived in China, Japan, and Thailand learning different techniques. He said he felt like jello for a month. And no, no I don’t want suggestions for happy endings….Thanks!


does ant one know of any good massage parlors in fountain valley?

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ok so i was wondering if anyone knows about any good asian massage parlors in fountain valley that give "full body oriental" massages and happy endings. thanks

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